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Hey guys! Happy New Year to you all. 2020 was a wonderful year for the me and the progress I made with developing this blog and getting it to a place where I can keep growing in 2021! With all going well with vaccines and the stalling of Covid, I will be looking forward to getting back on the road in 2021. So hopefully you’ll stick around to see what happens!~ David  

In this post, I will run through some of the apps I have and I use to plan my trips, make my journeys easier and to make sure I get the best out of my travels. In the past 10+ years, there has been a plethora of applications that have been launched. These apps allow for many different functions, including: Reviews, Bookings, Tour Guiding and Planning, to name a few. The development of technology is all the time making travel easier for tourists. For example: In January 2020, I unfortunately missed a flight and was able to book myself onto another flight in a matter of seconds using my app for the airline!   The apps I am listing are apps and services I use when I travel and I would recommend for any traveler to use in the future!  

10. Airline Apps

One thing I think most travelers should have are apps that are operated by their frequently used airlines. With these apps, sometimes you can benefit from reward systems and be notified of discounts as they happen and be able to snag yourself a bargain. With apps like “Ryanair”, they provide a full list of services from Car Hire to Hotel Booking. Airline apps are a very handy tool when it comes to travel planning and making sure to get the best out of your trip. For example, I used to live in Madrid and lived right next to a Metro line which took me right to the Airport Terminals, I would often use my airline apps to get prices and recommendations for places to go for a weekend! Examples of Airline Apps that I Use:


-> Aer Lingus

-> Lufthansa  

Most Airlines possess an app that can be found on the Apple Store or Play Store! I’d recommend downloading the app for your favourite airlines!

9. Cheap Flight Apps

I’m a sucker for a bargain. When I’m bored, I check out where I could go, I price it and make plans for a trip! The best way I know how to do that, and what sometimes is the contributing factor to my trips is cheap flights! There are apps out there who cheak airline websites and figure out the best and cheapest ways to fly, which can make traveling so much easier! A lot of the times, people are discouraged from flying for less when there is a layover somewhere, but if you are flexible with that, a lot of these apps and websites can find very cost efficient flights! Examples of Cheap Flights Apps I Use:  

-> Hopper

-> Kayak

-> Skyscanner

8. Accommodation Apps

When traveling, one of the things I’d highly recommend downloading is accommodation/hotel apps that can help you find adequate places to stay in the area you travel to. I find that being able to get affordable and top quality accommodation is another key factor that makes up my decisions as to where to travel and when. I’d note also: the more flexible you are with your trip, the better deals on hotels/apartments you can find! When I travel, if I am alone, I usually go for cheaper hotels or, if I am traveling with friends I usually go for an AirBnB. Having a cheap apartment in a city center gives a bit more free-range to exploring the city or area. Examples of Accommodation Apps I Use:

-> AirBnB



-> Trivago

-> LateRooms – Amazing for last minute deals on rooms!  

7. Trip Organization

I find that having apps to keep documents and information all in one place as well as apps that can keep tabs or even help you get organized are apps that every traveler and tourist needs to install. These days, having physical copies of boarding passes is less common that digital ones (Although I always print a physical copy just in case). Being able to, in one place, be able to see confirmations, bookings, tickets etc is so handy and makes rooting around and trying to find things unnecessary. Having used both Android and iPhone for my travels throughout the years, I can confirm which apps I use and would recommend. Examples of Organization Apps I Use: -> Wallet App: More so seen on Apple Products, but Wallet apps are downloadable on Google Play Store also. Makes keeping documents together really easy.

-> TripIt

-> RoadTrippers

-> PackPoint: Very handy with helping to know what to pack for the length of trip  

6. For the Airport

Airports can be a nightmare to navigate. If you’re in a new place with a language you’re not familiar with, it can be handy to have a couple of apps on your device that can help making the airport experience go a bit smoother. Along with navigation, there are apps that give tourists a better experience and advice on how to spend time and relax whilst waiting to board. If you have time to kill in the airport or are on a lengthy layover, being able to know what to do in the airport can just make the time fly. Some Airport based apps i.e for lounges, can have a fee attached. Examples of Airport Apps I Use:

-> LoungeBuddy/LoungeKey: If you have time and want to really relax in style, these apps can advise on lounges in airports, premium or otherwise!

-> FlightAware: This is a handy app as it helps you track flights and see where planes are in real time.

-> Grab: A very handy app to help you order food at an airport before you even take off, which is useful for layovers! It can save a LOT of time

5. During Flight – Personal

Sometimes when you fly, you just don’t fancy filling your time with movies or music. And if you have a couple of hours to kill, it can be nice to have alternatives to keep you occupied and relaxed. If I’m on a long haul flight, I prefer to mix it up with both entertainment and a bit of self-care, which can really set your mind at easy and help you focus on the upcoming or just zone out! Example of Personal Flight Apps I Use:

-> TimeShifter: This App is a lifesaver when it comes to sleep and making sure you get enough. It makes recommendations on how long or how light you require!

-> Calm: A meditation app. Perfect to use when closing your eyes on-board and want to drift away. I use this or similar meditation apps for longer trips

-> Brain Teasers: Whether manual or digital, I try to keep my mind active sometimes on my trips. Something like crosswords or word searches are super useful! Most Brain Teaser Apps are at the App or Apple Store!  

4. During Flight – Entertainment

This was always going to be in the list. Entertainment is a must have for me when I travel. Whether it’s music, movies, tv shows or books. There is so many options out there now that it is impossible to be bored online. And sometimes, those in-flight movies can be a bit limited, as well as the music. Examples of the Entertainment Apps I Use:

-> Movies/TV: I mean, Netflix is always a good option. Other apps I use for movies and tv would be Disney+ and NowTV they each have a great selection and it’s great to have the variety. Always good to have a TV show to binge!

-> Spotify: Spotify is my favorite app I think. Download a few albums or a playlist before you go. It really helps relax too!

-> Podcasts: A great app to download and awesome to just listen and chill while you fly.

-> Audible: Audible is amazing to listen to audiobooks. I love it especially for long-haul flights!  

3. Translator App

It can never hurt to have a translator app for when you travel. It can come in really handy when you’re in a country with another language! I use my translator all the time, whether it’s for restaurants or just pleasantries. The App I use is Google Translate and honestly, when you’re abroad, it can really be useful!  

2. Cash/Money Apps

When traveling, similar to a translator app, it can be useful to have a way to exchange money into the currency of the country you’re visiting. It can be handy to both have a way to exchange the currency but also be able to track how much it is in your own currency. Luckily for Europe, a good bunch of countries use the Euro. Examples of Cash/Money Apps I Use:

-> Revolut: This cash system is incredible. I use it in my daily life and when I travel. It’s handy for savings, coordinating finances and also allows you to transfer currency in a matter of seconds on your app and card.

-> XE Currency Converter: Conversion and knowing how much items are is super handy and helps make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

-> GlobeTips/Tip Calculator: This is super handy if you need to figure out tipping and gratuity for restaurants and bars etc.

1. Review Apps

The Handiest way of knowing where to go and what to do is to have apps the reviews places and has customer feedback so that you can know what you’re getting into, what to experience and whether it is suited for you and the trip you’d like to take. When in a new place or city, these apps can be very handy when you want to find a place to eat or drink or any tours and activities to take. Examples of Review Apps I Use:

-> TripAdvisor: The best app out there for customer reviews when it comes to traveling. It can also be used to help advise and book a restaurant which is handy!

-> Triposo: A great way to get city guides on your phone and be able to map out your options for traveling in the area!

-> Yelp: A great way to see if restaurants you intend to try are good and great to go to.   There are other apps out there that are considered a “must” for anyone to go traveling.

The top apps I consider mandatory for traveling abroad would be: -> Google Maps -> Uber -> Whatsapp -> TripWhistle These apps are great for navigation, safety and communication and I’d encourage anyone to get them before departing!

Additionally: There is a FULL range of apps out there to help make your travels easier. So, with vaccines rolling out and a hope to return to normal in 2021, take time now to look through the various app stores and see what kind of apps and interfaces would help you with your trips! And now is the perfect time to get planning!  

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