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Hey there, everyone! Are we all doing good? Can you believe it’s already October? I feel like I’ve blinked and summer has just disappeared and the rain has returned. Although, I do love Autumn/Fall time. It’s not totally winter but we can still wear our orange and brown colours, there is more of a cool breeze around and its just a cozy time!

Since my last post, it’s been fairly busy! I’ve celebrated my birthday (September 21, mark it in your calenders for next year, haha!), been working so I can fund my future trips and I done a 2 week stint with the Galway International Arts Festival, which was amazing because it felt like a bit of normality had come back to my life. And for all my friends and readers in NYC, one of the shows that showcased at the Galway International Arts Festival, “Medicine” starring Domhnall Glesson, it’s coming to New York in November and I’d recommend checking it out!

Over the summer, with restrictions lifting here and there, I’ve been traveling a lot more to Dublin. It’s a convenient city to get to from Galway with companies like Citylink giving a direct service to the city and airport. So, I took full advantage of their service during the summer and spent a few weekends and weekdays exploring the city.

In this post, I’m going to give a little bit of a run down of places I like to go to and would recommend to stay in for anyone considering a weekend in Dublin. It’s the capital city of Ireland and is generally the place most people visit first in Ireland, so it’s about time I give my 2 cents on it!

Getting There

Being the capital of the country, Dublin city is so well connected to the rest of Ireland but also the rest of Europe. Dublin boasts two train stations, Heuston and Connolly. These stations link Dublin to the various regions in Ireland via rail. I used to study in Sligo (North West of Ireland) and whenever I’d go to Dublin, the train was always a lovely way to get there and also to enjoy the view. Bus transport is a great feature of Irish life. If there is no train in your town/village that goes to Dublin, for sure you can get there by bus. From Galway, I usually take a direct bus like Citylink who leave Galway and the next stop is Dublin. But all across Ireland, bus services both public and private usually go to Dublin City.

And for international visitors, Dublin and Dublin Airport is an ever growing hub in Europe. In normal times over 50 airlines to 190+ destinations would be the regular schedule for Dublin, so it’s a very busy and happening place and definitely one for tourists to add to their itinerary if they’re coming to Europe. It’s not impossible to get to Dublin (outside of Covid times) and it’s certainly a must!

As Dublin is also a port city, cruises and boats are also an alternative option for international tourists to come to Ireland. Most links by sea are to the UK and North West mainland europe, but even still, getting the ferry or a cruise across to Ireland is a lovely experience and the Irish coast is definitely worth seeing! So any readers in North France, Belgium, The Netherlands and UK, consider a boat trip across to Ireland and Dublin!

Ha’penny Bridge over the River Liffey
Getting Around

Dublin City is so handy to get around in. Most places, like tourist spots and landmarks, they’re a walkable distance in the city centre. At the same time, a lot of areas in Dublin are serviced by the Luas overground metro service. I recommend for everyone visiting Dublin to have at least 1 experience on the Luas on their visit to the capital. Not only do you get to see the inner workings of the city but you get to see the character of Dublin and the life of people from the area.

As well as the Luas, Dublin is serviced by the Dart system and a plentiful city bus network too, so you can get to many different parts of Dublin City and county. I took the Dart out to Dun Laoighaire, a lovely town in the suburbs of Dublin, I’d very much recommend going out to Dun Laoighaire for a day trip or afternoon.

Personally, I love walking around Dublin. You get to see so many places, come across cute shops or find some cool places to stop for a bite to eat or coffee. Although, walking through Dublin is a very weather dependent activity, so be sure to pack the boots when you’re going!

Grabbing a Bite to Eat

Like a lot of places in Ireland, Dublin is not a stranger to amazing bites to eat. You can find many delicious places within the city limits that will just make your belly so happy. Bistros, eateries and cafes can be found dotted on main and side streets and pretty much all over the city! So I’ll give a few suggestions of places in Dublin City that I go to where I would frequent!

A Drop of Coffee
Dinner & Drinks
What to Do

Dublin is a city with so much going on. So many bars, so many venues, lots of tourism attractions… So it is actually very hard to be bored in the city. There is so much culture in the city and so much vibrance as well as indicative architecture, landscapes and businesses to show the history and gravitas of Dublin’s heritage.

As well as landmarks, Dublin’s visual arts and theatre scene is something to witness. Catching a show when in any city is always something I recommend as it is a fun way to experience something unique, see incredible talent and feel cultured (At least I do, when I see a show).

Here are some places and activities I’d recommend when visiting Dublin:

Places to See:
  • Trinity College/Book of Kells: An impressive collection of literature and history in an astounding library and museum. The grounds are amazing also.
  • Phoenix Park: An amazing landscape that also plays home to the President of Ireland’s residence and a plethora of flora and fauna
  • Jameson Distillery: Jameson is one of the best known whiskey companies globally. It’s distillery is definitely worth visiting for the experience
  • Dun Laoghaire Market: Weekend Markets in Dun Laoghaire are fun and have really nice craft items and food stalls! They do delish falafels!
  • The Castles: Dublin Castle and Malahide Castle are gorgeous structures and definitely worth witnessing!
Things to Do:

Abbey Theatre: The Abbey is renowned for its stellar theatre productions. They produce high quality, acclaimed shows that are really quite the treat to experience.

Guinness Storehouse Experience: Guinness is a staple of Irish culture and life. Any bar or restaurant you go to in Ireland is sure to have it. The Storehouse Experience is a masterpiece of showcasing the drink. Where else would you get an etching of your face on a pint!

Shopping: Like a lot of cities across Europe, Dublin has a bustling retail scene. A mix of Irish and International brands line the major shopping areas like Grafton Street and O’Connell Street. Taking a gander through the various shopping centers like Jervis or Stephen’s Green, you’re sure to go home with a handful of stuff!

Museums: Dublin plays host to a number of remarkable cultural spaces and museums. For example; the EPIC museum by the Liffey showcases Ireland’s history with emigration and the various reasons behind it. The Museum of Literature is a visual feast for anyone to visit but would surely appeal to those with a liking for Irish literary works and writers. You’ll never go too far in the city before you’re met with a form of art or culture – It’s everywhere!

Where to Stay

One thing Dublin is not short on is tourist accommodation. Hotels, Airbnbs, Self-Catering Apartments and a lot of hostels can be found in the city and the urban area! Each area, like most cities, has something different in the vicinity. Whether its bars, the river or parks, a lot of places offer something nice – which is an important factor for any city stay. Comfort and convenience. Here are some places I’d recommend checking out for your trip to Dublin:

  • Maldron Hotels – I’ve yet to be disappointed by the stay I’ve had at a Maldron. Comfy beds, great amenities and a great vibe. The one I have frequented in Dublin was the Maldron Parnell Square, which is a short walk from O’Connell Street and some lovely restaurants.
  • Tipperary House Accommodation – Just across the street from Heuston Station, this boutique hotel has quaint rooms that aren’t too noisy. Being near Heuston Stations makes this place perfect as it is on a Luas and several bus lines. It is also great value for money and close to some lovely food places!
  • Hotel St. George – A cute boutique hotel in a townhouse style building. Modern interiors, quiet hallways and a perfect location off of O’Connell Street. Walking distance to the Luas lines.
  • Backpackers Citi Hostel – Nothing too extravagant about this hostel. It’s close to Connolly Station, O’Connell Street and the Quays. It’s also not far from the Airlink stop from the airport, so if you are connecting to somewhere, this is a great transit hostel for a night.
  • Be sure to also check out apps like Booking.com and Airbnb as there is always great deals on apartments and rooms no matter when you’re looking to go!

So! That there was just a little snap shot of what you can do in Dublin for a little break away! There is so much that can be done. Be sure to check out Failte Ireland and Visit Dublin for more info on local events, productions and things to do in the area.

Have you been to Dublin? Let me know the things you’ve seen or the places you’ve been to! I’d love to know more!


Be sure to check out my socials and stay tuned for more! A lot of fun things coming up!

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