5 Uber Romantic Destinations

Hey all! Can you believe it’s already February? I really do hope that 2021 goes quite quickly and we can just skip to traveling again, I miss it! And today is Valentine’s Day! Love is in the Air today (I mean, I’m single but you got to love yourself, right?). I really wish all of you a love-filled day and hope you get spoiled! So as you can see from the title, I’m gonna run through some destinations in Europe that I’d consider romantic, for the festive occasion of Valentine’s Day. Now, I’m sure some of you are already thinking “Oh! Paris or Venice!”. Yes, those two cities are famed for their amorous charm but there is so many other cities and places in Europe that have an intoxicating passionate ambiance. Travelling itself can be quite romantic in itself. Some places I have visited have just a really beautiful feeling and can really get people in the mood for love! So let’s get into this list!    

5. Senigallia (Marche Region)

Senigallia lies in on the coast of the Marche Region in Italy, It is a port town that is situated along the Adriatic Sea. It is a great place to mix both history and seaside vacation and also boasts being close to the the Appenine Mountains. When tourists think of Italy and romance, a couple of places spring to mind. Venice, as mentioned above or the Amalfi Coast but honestly, the Adriatic Coast and most notably in Senigallia is quite magnificent! It is scenic, warm and has some incredible eateries! As well as Senigallia, the whole Marche Region is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. The region plays host to towns like Jesi and Fabriano, which have some incredible architecture and cultural landmarks that can create a charming kind of romantic atmosphere! Spending evenings outside on a Piazza in Fabriano with the aroma and taste of fresh Italian food is quite the evening, let me tell you! It’s perfect for some romance!  

4. Prague

A lot of adjectives can be used to describe Prague, the Czech Capital. It is a city that exceeded my expectations when I visited it. Prague has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for centuries, as it is the heart of Europe! A city that has lived through major historical events throughout the continent which have all factored in the charm and incredible energy exuded here. It is one of the most historic cities in the European Continent. The squares, the buildings, the incredible bridges and landscapes, it’s truly breathtaking. The essence of Prague, with the Czech culture, the metropolitan vibes and the historical attributes all create the feeling to want to know more. This city is a great one for a romantic getaway, as there is much to discover and explore. I am a history nerd and loved it for that aspect but I really felt it was a great place to create lovely moments, which wouldn’t have been my impression before traveling there!  

3. Amsterdam

Similar to Prague, I wouldn’t have thought Amsterdam was a place I’d consider ‘Romantic’. In my head, it was a place to go and let loose and party! I was incredibly mistaken with that thought process. Amsterdam is the stunning capital city in The Netherlands that is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the North” with all of it’s famed canals. Amsterdam is known for it’s infamous nightlife and party culture but also has a lot of incredible history within. But the city is also just beaming with romantic energy. With all the watery canals weaving through the city, a stroll through the area can be really lovely. Between the beautiful canals, the amazing bars and food or the incredible backdrop of structures, the city is quite intoxicating and is a place I’d definitely recommend for anyone planning a romantic break away! I had a great time there with friends but I’m for sure gonna take my significant other (whoever the unfortunate soul will be) some time in the future and explore even more!

2. Vienna

Vienna was a place I was excited to see, considering my love for history. Being the seat for the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the immense culture of the city. I got to spend a long weekend here (before the world went crazy) and I loved every second. From the State Opera to Schonbrunn Palace, the city is also a European Capital that is seeped in history and regalia. You can almost feel the royalty in the air. The city has so much to see and so much Austrian heritage to soak up, of course I fell in love and want to return. Like Amsterdam and Prague, the city also has an air of romanticism around it. Whether it was the incredible architecture or the even better food (Sacher Torte is divine…), it is a place I think couples would enjoy, in a romantic sense. Situated along the Danube, it is a great city for people to take in history, enjoy some top quality food and explore a lot. For couples, it’s really a beautiful city with superb architecture and unique atmosphere. It’s certainly a place I’d recommend. For more on Vienna. check out my previous post.

1. Madrid

A city super close to my heart. It’s the cream of the crop in terms of cities to vacation to. Incredible sunny weather. Beautiful gastronomic culture. And not too unlike Vienna, an apparent air of royalty, with the Palacio Real in the center of the city. Madrid is a place that really has it all. What it lacks in terms of a coast line, it makes up for in scenic views, architecture and natural landscapes. Madrid is the capital city of Spain and the heart of the nation, located in the middle of the country. I had the pleasure of studying for a year in Spain and got to experience a lot. Madrid has a vibrant nightlife. It has a variety of districts that has something for everyone but one thing I found very encapsulating about Madrid is the diversity and inclusion of the city. Love is legitimately in the air. Whether you’re in Lavapies or La Latina, Sol or Retiro, there is a sense of romance and love everywhere. This, for me, makes the city uber romantic! The culture of tapas and outdoor patio dining while the city bustles around you and your significant other is nothing if not incredibly romantic. In the day, cool crisp drinks or relaxing in Caso de Campo are some amazing activities to partake in. In the evening, a more electric night scene, a plethora of bars and late dinners in the cool air is just stunning. It’s the top of my list as I think it is a mixture of beauty and romance and I’d recommend it to anyone!


There you have it, folks! 5 Uber Romantic locations you should add to your vacation list or ideas board for romantic getaways. I think Paris, Venice and the likes are incredibly passionate and romantic places but these alternatives are some of the gems of Europe! I’m sure as I travel more, there will be more versions of this post! And stay tuned for more info on each of these locations and more!

What do you think? Where do you think is a romantic destination? Let me know in the comments or check out my socials!

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