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Staycation. It’s the new buzz word for vacations and travel in 2020. Most countries and regions are actively investing in tourism promotions to get people to explore their surrounding areas now that international travel is at a bit of a standstill. In the past few weeks, some common phrases I’ve heard or overheard people say is “I never knew this was near me” or “Who knew there was this many things to do around here”. Locals are starting to discover more and realize what kind of activities and places exist around them. Growing up, my family were very fond of traveling to different places in Ireland on our summer holidays, and they still are some of my favourite holidays I’ve ever been on. You get that sense of exploration but it’s still fairly familiar, which is nice.  Below is gonna be 5 Tips I think people should take on board when considering what to do for vacations this year or are at a loose end on a weekend, so take a look and hopefully the tips inspire you to discover your area!

5. Learn Something New

Even before Covid-19 came around, I was developing an interest in learning more about Ireland and different areas of the country, making me feel very cultured. One thing that vacationing in your region can do is to help you learn something new. Villages, towns and cities across the world are full of different historic and cultural backgrounds that have gone into shaping the character of the place. Walking Tours, History Centres, Information Points and especially local people are what keep the history alive. For example, Kilkenny City plays host to the Medieval Mile and has a lot of Celtic and Norman history attached to it, close by at Jerpoint Abbey, you can get walking tours, detailing ancient history of the area and providing in depth knowledge of the way people lived and acted in olden times. Similarly in cities like Prague and Vienna, walking tours provide a lot of information on various historical subjects that give visitors a unique perspective on the city.  A little history and culture can make for interesting vacations or day trips. So my tip would be to travel to a town or city in your region and find out more about the place. Learn how the area used to be and immerse yourself in the culture. The best way to find out about these things is to check up tourism websites or social media accounts of the town and city as well as TripAdvisor for the best walks and things to see!    

4. New Food Experiences

Food and Drink can really be the impression maker of a destination. If you’re a fan of the food, you are so gonna have a good time. The best part about going to different parts of your region or county is that most times they’re famous for certain food and drink items. For example, Galway is famous for it’s incredible shellfish, Madrid has infamous churro cafés, Tobermory, Ontario has a renowned distillery. So while you’re in a new town or village, it can really make the trip if you experiment with food and perhaps step outside your comfort zone and give new things a go. Food experiences can be a variety of things too. It could be simply trying a local coffee shop, bakery or even the street food (Which most times are the best food to have). Some of the places to check out are farmers markets or to find authentic eateries, maybe veer off the main streets to find hidden gems. When out exploring, the best way to find where to eat or drink is to ask a local, They’ll give their opinion and probably suggest what you should get too which is invaluable experience to have! Comment below some places you’d recommend in your region or city! Gimme some suggestions 😉

3. Invest In Activities

One thing that really makes any kind of holiday worthwhile is the activities you do on the trip. It is why, for the most part, I recommend coastal trips. Being near water gives a number of possibilities; swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, sailing, fishing etc. Even inland, hiking, cycling and sporting activities can enhance the staycation experience. Whether it be traveling to a lakeside town or perhaps taking a road-trip up along the coast, it is so important to invest in activities for maximum entertainment. Activities can be active or passive too. It can involve a lot of physical activity or just something leisurely like catching some live music or museum visiting. Some activities I enjoy in my area involve nature trails. I love being surrounded by nature and hearing the cool sounds around me. If a location has nice walking trails, I’m sold. When heading away for your Staycation, check out apps like TripAdvisor or even better, search for the location on Instagram and find out what other people are getting up to in the area, it can be really useful!

2. Connect with Nature

As I stated in the previous point, I love a good nature trail. Being surrounded by trees, animals and the cool sounds is so cool. Equally, being close to the water, especially on the coast, is probably the most therapeutic and tranquil places to be. Hearing the waves, going for a swim and enjoying the beach can be fun and relaxing, giving people the relaxation element of a vacation. No matter where you live in the world, the natural surroundings in your area or region can be a fun adventure on a staycation. For families, it can be cool activity to do with kids, to bring them to a nature park or to the countryside to experience nature at its finest. I think getting away and learning to connect and clear your head among nature is a great tip for anyone on going a trip. This also includes things like hiking. Hiking is a fun way to explore nature and keep active on vacation. Check out what kind of nature trails there are in your region or hit up the coast and lose yourself in the sights and sounds.

1. Treat Yourself

It’s the foundation point of travel and tourism, to enjoy and treat yourself. But sometimes people need reminding to do it. One key tip I have for anyone going on a staycation or a day trip is to be nice to yourself too! Do things that you want to do and perhaps give your diets a break and treat yourself to your favourite foods! I find when I’m in a new place that I have to try coffee from there. It’s one thing I do not mind spending money on and it is one thing I really enjoy. The part where I treat myself is with cakes and pastries. Weekend day trips include a lot of sweet treats for me, but it’s all part of me being good to myself! So when you manage to get away, splurge a bit on yourself and be happy!


These were just a few bits of advice I have for anyone going on a staycation or day trip! I hope you found them helpful and useful! Now get planning your next trip and go explore!

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