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Over the past few weeks, the weather here in Ireland has been mostly warm and sunny, which is quite rare and also, restrictions here have started to lift! So this summer, I’m definitely going to be exploring more of Ireland and sharing my trips with you!
This post is a bit closer to home. One thing that made me feel a bit ‘normal’ during the numerous lockdowns was going to coffee shops and getting my latte or my black coffee. Made leaving the house that little bit easier!

In this post, I am going to give a shoutout to some of the coffee shops I visited or some of my regular café’s in Galway that I would recommend and would suggest you try on your travels! Enjoy!

5) Roots Cafe & Bistro

An ever expanding, highly popular eatery and coffee shop in Galway, Roots Cafe & Bistro currently has four locations across County Galway with two more on the way. This place prides itself on its blend of authentic Italian traditional cuisine with the incredible local produce available to them in the area to create uniquely tasty food.
I had the pleasure to try a coffee and some treats in Roots’ location in Claregalway a couple of times and each time I did, I was thoroughly impressed by not only the coffee I was given but the cool decor of the restaurant, the great service and the friendly atmosphere inside too! The menu looked very tasty and it is definitely ranked as a place I’m going to eat in when restaurant dining reopens!

There are currently four locations spread across Galway: Claregalway, Newtownsmith, Kilcolgan and Galway City with two new locations coming soon in Loughrea and Briarhill! If you’re on the road and want to grab a quick bite or get a tasty coffee, check out Roots! And check them out on social media too!

4) Leaf and Bean

Winner of the Best Cafe in Connaught Award at the 2017 Irish Restaurant Awards, Leaf and Bean is a gem in the Tuam Gastro scene. This cafe, nestled near Tuam’s shop street, boasts a menu that includes organic, locally sourced and free ranged ingredients and just entering the door, you can see a beautiful display of delicious food and beverages.
One of the things that stands out to me about Leaf and Bean is their dedication to doing better. Even on their website it states “We always try our best, but sometimes we make mistakes… we will do our best to fix it”. I enjoy a place that strives for better and continuously improves, especially while serving delicious coffees, smoothies and food!

An ever growing destination, Tuam’s gastro scene is lucky to have a cafe like Leaf and Bean. Their food is yummy and the coffee is worth stopping for. Be sure, when you find yourself in Tuam, to check it out!

3) Coco Cafe

Located beautifully on the Salthill Prom, right across from Leisureland, Coco Cafe has been serving the area of Salthill successfully since 2009 and has been acclaimed by tourists and locals alike who would call this cafe an “instant success” to the area. As well as serving delicious coffee and, from my experience, incredible baked goods, this cafe has one of the most enviable backdrops. The view from the front door can stretch as far as County Clare and across Galway Bay.
The hustle and bustle of the busy Salthill Promenade makes Coco Cafe a true landmark cafe and with its busy coffee hatch open to the public, the queue for coffee is definitely worthwhile! I recently tried one of their iced coffees as I took in the sights of Salthill during a warm day and it was very refreshing and tasty.

When we’re not in the throws of a pandemic, this cafe is a great place to go and grab a sandwich or a slice of cake when you’re in the Salthill area. If you’re planning a trip to Galway, make your way out and try a coffee at Coco Cafe!

2) Espresso 44

Located on the busy Shop Street, the central shopping street of Galway, Espresso 44 is a great caffeine-serving oasis in Galway City. Definitely a shop that you could call “Boutique”, this coffee shop is a small but delicious spot just off Eyre Square. I have never walked past or been in Espresso 44 and it wasn’t busy. This cafe has become a well-known place for tasty coffees and nice treats among the growing number of cafes and eateries in the area.
I used to visit Espresso 44 almost daily when I worked for the Galway International Arts Festival as the two locations were close. They kept the team caffeinated and fueled for our days. On a number of occasions, I tried their fresh sandwiches they offer and my goodness, they were so good! For a small location, the items they serve from coffee to sandwiches to bakes and treats, this place is certainly mighty.

Espresso 44 is, as I mentioned, a small but delicious addition in Galway’s thriving food industry. When you happen to be browsing through Shop Street and need a pick me up from all your shopping, I’d highly recommend this coffee shop! Be sure to check their social media to see their mouth-watering items.

1) Niche

A success story throughout Covid, Niche, a newly established eatery in Tuam, popped into the town and nestled its way in the Old Barracks on Vicar Street and has been serving incredible coffees, tasty sandwiches and seriously delicious burgers, breads and pastries. Using yummy ingredients, this cafe really serves some of the best food in the town and has been classed by locals as having “The best burgers around”. I’ve been in and out of Niche a few times for both food and coffees and every time I have, I always rave about how good it was and make sure to shout them out on social media as it is that good. This place adds to what I said in point 4, Tuam is a growing destination in terms of its food industry and Niche has come to the forefront of this bustling scene in such a central location in the town. The food they serve is top notch, their coffee is hard to fault and their shelf items for sale are small but have a lot to offer from coffee to sweet treats.

The best way I can describe how good the food and drinks is to turn your attention to their Facebook and Instagram Pages where you can see their offerings! Definitely a staple of the Tuam gastro scene. So be sure to check it out!

I love my coffee and I hope this gives future travelers to Galway an idea for a place to go in the county for their caffeine fix! I plan to make more suggestions for places to go for a delicious coffee or a lite bite.

Thanks for reading this list of coffee shops and be sure to check out the links to their websites and social media! Local businesses, especially these days, could definitely use more interactions!


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